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How To Manage Income and Distribution During Retirement

You’ve been a good saver, sticking to a budget and maxing out your 401(k) for most of your career. When it comes time to retire, you may be wondering how to create an income stream from all of your accounts with longevity and tax efficiency in mind.

View this webinar to learn more about:

• How to transition from an Accumulator to a Distributor

• Knowing how much money you can take out each year of retirement

• Dynamic spending strategy

• Taxes in retirement

Presenter: Christie Cheng, CPFA

Panel Discussion: Financial Literacy for Young Adults

A panel of young adults will share both their successful steps toward financial responsibility and independence as well as advice on errors to avoid.

In this panel discussion you’ll learn:
• How to manage your money
• Successful first steps when starting a new job
• How small financial decisions today can make a bigger impact later.

Panelists: Ashleigh Hiltz Elvia Sanchez, Moderator Jessica Hodges Yixuan Wang Eileen Horton Mary Wade

RSG Advisory Investment Update–Mid Year 2022 Outlook & Strategy

At RSG, our core job is to help participants get through the noise and emotions and make informed and strategic retirement planning decisions.

This summer, 2022 continues with challenging market conditions with enormous volatility and losses across the board. That said, the market is replete with once-in-a-lifetime events, which eventually become history. The markets today have likely already priced-in a lot of the news that is anticipated in the coming 6 months. Equity markets, for example, seem to have priced-in the probability of a recession, inflation continues, further interest rate hikes expected, and certainly continued volatility.

Watch the webinar to learn:
• What history has taught us and how we can apply this knowledge to current market conditions.
• What a recession means to my 401(k) account investments.
• Changes you can make now and going forward.

A Focus on Financial Wellness in 2022

Even during “normal” times, financial wellness is a challenging task for both businesses and individuals that requires discipline, teamwork and resilience. With focus, you can achieve it. Given the current state of uncertainty, we all undoubtedly feel anxious about the future. It’s natural to wonder what will come next in the short term, especially as it relates to market volatility, inflation, interest rates and employment or family changes.

One of the best ways to battle anxiety is to focus on building a plan which outlines your financial objectives. That way as unexpected events and expenses do happen, it won’t derail your goals for the future. Replay this webinar on-demand to learn:
• How to review your financial goals
• Spending and budgeting tactics that positively impact your goals
• Investing in yourself
• Obtaining knowledge from trusted experts

2022 Market Outlook

Knowing what is happening in the current economic environment keeps your focus on key influencers that might help you make smarter decisions when it comes to your 401(k) retirement plan. This educational webinar with Retirement Solution Group’s Partner, Steve Scott, CFPA shares a perspective on trends to watch and how to assess the health of your plan for the future. Learn • What makes 2022 a transformational year • Making sense of a strong end to 2021 with an uptick of volatility and challenging days in the market for the first few weeks of 2022. • How to keep your focus on the long term big picture when it comes to retirement.

2021 Retirement Readiness Seminar: IUOE Local 399

This is an on-demand recording of the on-site Retirement Readiness Seminar for the members of the IUOE Local 399 (International Union of Operating Engineers). At this annual seminar, members learned more about saving for retirement as well as how to better take full advantage of the Retirement Savings Plan.

RSG Partner Spotlight: Kraig Mickelsen with Steve Scott

As we enter the 4th quarter of the year and year-end planning takes a front seat, we find ourselves servicing clients, working hand in hand with other financial experts. Kraig R. Mickelsen, CFP® of KRM Financial Services is a strategic partner of RSG whose specialty is getting those i’s dotted, and t’s crossed when it comes to a personal plan. The uniqueness of retirement planners vs financial planners is explained in the simplest terms. Steve Scott, as a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, chats with Kraig Mickelsen, a Certified Financial Planner, about the difference of their 2 specialty areas of focus. Kraig also gives us a deeper dive as he generously shares Tax Planning hot-topics for this year that can help his clients prepare for year end, including bunching itemized deductions, appreciated stocks and ROTH conversions. Watch the full video for the scoop.

8000 Days: Four Stages of Retirement

Christie Cheng, Senior Relationship Manager of RSG presents 8,000 Days: A Longevity Paradox webinar. What if you looked at your calendar…And instead of the usual view of a day, a week or even a year…You saw all of your plans for the next 8000 days..? What if you actually had to create those plans?? 8000 days is a very long time. Who will you have lunch with? Who will change your light bulbs? How will you get an ice cream cone? We have answers to these and more courtesy of MIT AgeLab – a research powerhouse whose mission is to provide solutions that help you age successfully. In this video Christie discusses their recently published piece entitled “8000 Days” and examine the four phases of retirement and other key questions you will need to answer before heading into this new and exciting period of your life.

Corona Virus Market Volatility Update 2.0

Market Volatility & Retirement Investing

Fiduciary Soup

For years most plan sponsors were unaware that they had a fiduciary duty to oversee a qualified retirement plan. The thought was, we are offering people a benefit, shouldn’t that be enough. But there is a problem with that thinking, rule #1 of ERISA says that all decisions are made in the best interest of participants. So someone has to be that Plan watchdog and apply the “best interest” rule which sets the fiduciary standard.

Time Saving Tips to Prepare Data

Understanding Retirement Plan Deadlines

What if I leave my job? What happens to my 401(k)?

Importance of a Plan Oversight Committee

You likely have an annual physical or change the oil in your car with regularity, but do you ever review your qualified plan? Just as an annual physical or oil change is an essential part of “vehicle maintenance”, you should be reviewing your qualified plan anywhere from one to four times per year. Unfortunately, employers & organizations too often get busy and the qualified plan is forgotten about.

What’s in the Box?